Come Out Of Her My People

A friend was asked one day, “If the truth is something other than what you’ve grown up with, would you cling to the traditions of your family or would you choose the truth?”

This is a question many have had to face, and it can be a terrible one, because the implications can be horrendous.

Jesus Christ said “I am the TRUTH….”  All other ways are false. Don’t be angry at me for saying this, I didn’t come up with the idea, I’m quoting him.

Jesus said, “You must be born again.” This is the one experience one must have in life in order to enter heaven. That is God’s plan of redemption, his provision, the one and only way to salvation.

But Satan has a plan too. In fact,  he has many plans. He is the great counterfeiter who will draw mankind to man-made religions. He doesn’t care which path you take, as long as it isn’t the truth.

One of the most difficult things a person can do is to discover as an adult that the religion he was raised in is a false religion. There are tremendous implications when one discovers the truth. Embracing the truth is going to mean having to choose whether to follow the tradition of one’s parents, family, community   –  or  –  leave everything and follow after the truth.

Here are the stories of men and women from vastly different religious backgrounds who all came to discover that the religion they knew was a false one, and the heart-wrenching decisions they had to make once they knew the truth.